How it started

“Questo business s’ha da fare”[1]


by Rossana Cazzato

I’m an Italian fashion entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden. Together with my husband and 2 children we lived as expats in 8 countries and 4 continents. I have worked with different cultures and learnt about their everyday life. As a family, expat life can be very challenging, especially if you are the spouse without a job and a new routine to create. Starting a life from scratch in a new country first leaves you speechless, but as time goes by, it turns you into a storyteller.

The idea behind this blog is to write about the story that has inspired my business and what keeps inspiring me.

I lived in New Delhi for 3 years, and when I left this incredible country I decided to found my own fashion label caro. Fashion and India. My vision is to bring together my Italian sense for style and Indian craftsmanship and materials, creating a couture collection of handmade cashmere scarves.

Living in India has made an impact in my life. The people, the similarities with my born town in Southern Italy, the contrasts within the society and the colors, the street life and even the food, have touched me as a person and have inspired my creativity.

Why a fashion brand? I love fashion accessories. When it comes to fashion and style, being Italian doesn’t make you an icon by birth. Yes, we have a world-known sense for style, but doesn’t anyone own a personal style? For me style means being confident in your own clothes, in any occasion. This has been a very variable element in my life. At age of 12, I wanted my dark brown hair spray-painted in fluorescent yellow. Today, I would never feel confortable in it, but at that time I felt confident and stylish. By following fashion trends, I was creating my own style: I started owning special pieces of clothing that nobody had, I wanted to be unique. Fashion accessories can be very versatile: you use them across seasons to style the same outfit in many ways or different occasions.

New Delhi is where I met my creative director, Ritesh Kumar. Ritesh is an Indian designer whose designs and amazing tailoring skills I loved instantly. During my work as fund-raiser for a local NGO in Delhi, I met him during the planning of a fashion event. We were in sync from the beginning.

It was only after leaving India to move to South Africa, that I started daydreaming about a venture in India, a business venture, a fashion venture, a life venture.

On August 2013 I was chatting to an old friend and told her “Questo business s’ha da fare” This has to work!

Few months later, I was on a plane, destination New Delhi. I couldn’t wait to be back in Delhi and to meet Ritesh again. I was eager to turn those dreams into reality.

[1] Personal interpretation from “ I Promessi Sposi “ by Alessandro Manzoni




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